Museum Gift Store

Shop for your favorite Czech products at the museum gift store including Bohemian crystal, fiery garnet jewelry, porcelain and glass.

You can order kolache from the museum.

An important note; before you make any purchases please contact museum director Colleen Kurmel to calculate the shipping costs at 1-402-686-9837.


Please Czech us out! We hope to see you soon at our museum and educational center. We have a beautiful collection of traditional Czech and Slovak kroje, crystal and a music display.

Signature Czech products

Czech Crystal

Czech porcelain and ceramics

The Gift Store

Browse through our two merchandise rooms. We carry everything from postcards, books, DVDs to Bohemian crystal and porcelain. Explore our three merchandise rooms and the garnet room with fiery garnet jewelry.

All merchandise is priced below. We ship USPS priority mail. Shipping costs will be calculated according to the price and product per order.

Czech garnets

Garnet butterfly

Garnet butterfly brooch


Czech cookbooks $15.95-$35

Czech This Out Cookbook

Carol Louis’ newest cookbook, kolache & potato dumplings


Folk tales

Folk tales by Josef Lada in English and Czech editions.


Magnetic journals

Magnetic journals with Klimt designs


Corn husk dolls

Lavender corn husk doll


Czech T-shirts $21.99 to $25.99
Memory games with Czech and English words. $4.99
Bookmarks with Czech/English phrases $2.99
Car stickers $4.99-$5.99
Czech and Slovak hats $19.99
Slovak T- shirts $21.99 to $25.99
Museum gift store with marionettes (loutky).
Czech products.

Potato dumpling mix

Potato dumpling mix, gulash spices


Prague hats $19.99

Apron “Dobre Chutnani”

Apron designed by Czech folk artist Marj Nejedl


Beer coasters

Czech and Slovak beer coasters


Ceramic magnets, ceramic spoon rests

Ceramic magnets, ceramic spoon rests



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