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Slovak Easter eggs

Slovak Easter eggs

Artist: Regina Lipovska, Slovakia

Slovak decorated Easter eggs.

Slovak folk majolica is still considered a synonym of Slovak ceramics. Its history began in 1883, when the Ceramic-Industrial School, the predecessor of Slovak folk majolica, was founded in Modra.

In 1911, the workshop began working as a participating company “Clay tableware workshop, folk industry, account. spol “. Representatives of important ceramic families, as well as new ceramicists such as Heřman Landsfeld and Ján Ludvig, worked in the production and developed a new sample card for the workshop. The sample book absorbed the ornamentation of several West Slovak pitcher workshops.

In 1922, the workshop adopted the new name “Slovak ceramics”. Under this name, it has gained popularity throughout Europe and at world exhibitions. A new stage in existence and production began to be written after 1952, when the workshop passed under the association of cooperatives and adopted the name Slovak Folk Majolica.

Slovak folk majolica has maintained folk art traditions in Slovakia for more than 130 years, making it one of the oldest producers in Sasha. The current products of the Slovak Folk Majolica try to approach the modern processing of ceramics by using historical sample books and traditional production methods, which are time-consuming.

Slovak Folk Majolica is also a holder of a certificate of health safety of the materials used, so it is not a problem to use all products at home or as decorative jewelry. Modranská majolica was inscribed in the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of Slovakia in November 2017.

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