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Happy holiday season 2021

Stastne svatky

I would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season 2021. To me, it’s a special time of the year to be cherished as we make our preparations for Christmas while remembering our loved ones.

I always get homesick around the first Sunday of Advent, when I realize that the season is upon us, as the altar boys light the first purple candle on the wreath at the church.

It reminds me that this busy season is not just about shopping and holiday parties, but it’s a time to spend with the family. That’s why I decided to bake this year with our granddaughter Josephine Palova. Other than traditional Czech Christmas cookies, we will make the famous Czech dessert called “rakvicka.”

Mom Ella got me the molds and the recipe for this mouth-watering dessert filled with whipped cream. If you are interested email us, and I will share it in my holiday series blog posts.

Mom also made kolache for us for Thanksgiving that I usually freeze, and put them on the Christmas Eve table.

Tidbits from Czech Republic

Lighting of the lamps on Charles Bridge

If you are as nostalgic as I am browse through the museum’s Christmas selection and buy yourself or a friend a Czech gift that will benefit the museum, and your spirit as well.


Little Mole Christmas puzzle

This Czech classic is a 40-piece puzzle.


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The museum needs a new sign

The Czech and Slovak Ed. Center and Cultural Museum needs a new exterior sign! Would you please consider donating towards our new exterior sign to make our museum visible and inviting from the street?

The Czech & Slovak Educational Center and Cultural Museum had to move to a new location in the spring of 2020. To meet the guidelines set by the landlord the museum cannot use the previous exterior sign and has to purchase a new one.

The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic has been very kind in providing a very significant grant for this purpose. However, the museum needs to come up with the rest before the end of this year in order to keep the grant.

Czech Coat of Arms

The Czech & Slovak Educational Center and Cultural Museum is a non-profit museum run by volunteers, and funded through donations and proceeds of the museum gift store. The museum’s mission is to preserve and share Czech and Slovak heritage and culture in Eastern Nebraska.

To make a donation, please go can also send your donation to mailing address: Czech and Slovak Museum, 8106 S 84th St, La Vista, NE 68128.Any donation will help reach the fundraising goal! Thank you in advance for your contribution to this very important cause for the museum.

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Czech and Slovak culture traveling exhibit

The story of Sokol traveling exhibit

Visit the Czech and Slovak Ed. Center and Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

The brand new traveling exhibit “Twists and Turns: The story of Sokol” from the National Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is now on display through Oct. 14.

Browse through the museums permanent exhibits and merchandise rooms to pick up a souvenir or a gift.

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