Sokol traveling exhibit

              We will also be sharing a traveling display from the National Czech Slovak Museum, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, “Twists and Turns: The Story of Sokol”. 

Traveling exhibit from the National Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids. It will run from Aug. 14 through Oct. 14.

Here’s a brief narrative of the display:

                             The first American Sokol unit was founded in 1865 in St. Louis, Missouri, only three years after the birth of Sokol in Prague. Gymnastics was the primary physical activity at the Sokol hall, but lectures, skits, and musical entertainment were also offered. The Sokol provided a sense of community and belonging for Czech and Slovak immigrants. This exhibit pays homage to the amazing men and women who made Sokol a part of their lives once in America.

Check out our permanent Sokol exhibit room at:

Permanent Sokol room

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Fiery Bohemian garnets and Moldavite

Bohemian garnet is a prescious stone fiery/blood red color found only in the Czech Republic.

Wearing Bohemian garnet jewelry has been a way for generations of Czech women to display their national pride.

Our museum gift shop carries Bohemian garnets set in rhodiumized silver or gold-plated silver. We now also offer jewelry with Bohemian garnets and Moldavite.

Moldavite (Vltavin in Czech) is a unique forest or olive green projectile rock that was formed during a meteorite impact.

The stone is named after the Czech river Moldau (in Czech Vltava) which flows through the capital city of Prague.

We are a nonprofit museum run by volunteers and financed by donations and our gift shop proceeds.

By purchasing Bohemian garnet jewelry from our gift store, you will not only support our museum but also the main maker of Bohemian garnet jewelry in the Czech Republic, who has been operating at reduced capacity for more than 1.5 years due to COVID-19.

We typically carry one of a kind jewelry pieces with certificates of authenticity.

Visit our museum gift store at

We ship via customer paid USPS priority mail. You can pay via PayPal or place orders on our Facebook page or give us a call at 1-402-686-9837.

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Welcome to Ahoy Blog

We are excited to present our brand new website that will take you on a heritage tour through the Czech and Slovak educational center and museum located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our permanent exhibits feature: the Music Room, Immigration Room, the Sokol Room and Josef Lada’s artwork.

Czech folk artist Marj Nejedl has created the museum logo.

Browse through our museum gift store to pick up a souvenir or two.